Saturday, 27 July 2013

What Is The Best Bosch Cordless Drill

If you want to buy a cordless drill, then the ones from the company Bosch are the best ones for you. They will be able to provide you with good quality performance and it isn't that hard when it comes to maintenance either. Now among all of the bosh cordless drills which are present there is a few which stand out from the crowd. Here we give you a review about the best of the lot.

Bosch GSB 24VE2 24V Combo Cordless Drill

If you want something which will be able to provide you with high performance impact mechanism and also has a very high speed so that you can drill rapidly in masonry then this is the one for you. It has a very high torque which is almost up to 75 Nm. If you want a large drill or screw diameter then this is drill for you.

You will even see that it has a housing which is “Dura Shield” and it makes this completely functional even if you drop it after 2 m onto a concrete floor, it will continue to give you a service for your entire lifetime. It even has the proper power transfer because of the 2 speed planetary gears which are optimized with metal planetary gears which are solid ones and it even has carbon brushes which are interchangeable.

You even get ergonomics with the help of a soft grip which is on the sensitive electronic switch and also the narrow pistol grip. You have various features in this model like a 2X2.0 Ah Ni Cd Batteries, a 1 hour charger, 2 speed levels, a 13 mm Keyless Chuck, 15 different settings for torque, an electric blade, an automatic spindle lock, a replaceable carbon brush, a fan like motor and also a soft grip handle.

Bosch PSR 960 Cordless drill driver

This is another cordless drill from Bosh which is among the best that the company has to offer. You get an electronic speed control here, which is a variable one and it even has a reverse button. It has a load speed which is 0 to 550 rpm. Then it even has 5 settings for power. Along with all this it also has a 10 mm keyless chuck. Along with the product you will also get a charger which is for 3 hours and also a double ended bit.

So if you want power drills which are cordless then the Bosch cordless power drills are perfect fro you. Since you don't have a pay a lot of money and you also get your moneys worth. These drills last you a very long time and they have no maintenance cost.

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